Perimeter Security Lights in Kenya

Intelwise Technologies are the no.1 providers of perimeter lights and lighting in Kenya. Perimeter lights are easy to install and inexpensive. They can be installed anywhere on your property from the backyard, dark sidewalks or any other dark areas around your home or office. So in the event that you are coming home late, you will still feel secure.

How they work

These lights have a sensor built in or added to an existing security light. The sensor works like a switch which is activated by movement. These lights will turn on automatically when someone moves in the vicinity of the exterior of your home. The lights can be programmed to go on during the night or day. Outdoor security lights help to prevent crime. The lights only come on when there is movement, instead of having security lights on all night long.

Some people find the lighting annoying especially because it is easily triggered. But the solution is to minimize the detector range. Narrow the field of view of the sensor to a specific area and that will reduce the occasions when the lighting occurs unnecessarily.

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