Spy Cameras in Kenya

Lately technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds, which is why we have spy cameras. These cameras are manufactured in different presentations, such as mini spy cameras, spy watches, spy key chains, spy pens, spy lighters and even spy clothes. A spy camera is a simple ordinary camera, but with very small size, so much that can fit on a pen. They detect everything from the lowest sounds to those minimal movements. Spy cameras Kenya are subdivided into several groups, depending on their characteristics: with or without the microphone, wireless or cable, color or black and white, etc.

If the spy camera is wireless, it does not need any cables for the information to be stored or transferred. This type of device handles small radio transistors, which sends the data that the spy camera in Kenya obtains directly to the receiver. In the same way that there are wireless cameras, there are also wireless microphones; which send the sound signals obtained by radio.

The memory of these cameras is reduced since its size does not allow them to have a greater to 16 GB. The spy cameras have a capacity of 4 to 8 GB, which means that they can save the hour and a half or up to two hours of continuous video (or audio).

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