Metal Detectors dealers in Kenya

The last decade have seen a rapid rise in the number of terrorist attacks in Kenya. Metal detectors in Kenya from Intelwise Technologies is a great way to protect your premises and even big public establishment from the devastating stealth attacks.

There are several detectors Kenya products tailor made to offer guaranteed results in the fight against terrorism they include:

  • Hand held metal detector Kenya – These are affordable devices that can because to detect any metal objects that could be harmful .Visitors getting into your building are searched using this detectors. They are easy to use and you can train your guards in a very short time how to use them. We also supply the very popular and effective Garret metal detectors Kenya.
  • Walk Through Metal detectors

Detectors Kenya. Metal detectors from Intelwise Technologies are useful and quality products that help you prevent any surprise attacks from terrorists. The products go hand in hand with well defined training and protective gear that safeguards the users of the devices in the case of an attack. Metal detector Kenya gives you an affordable solution that gives you peace of mind. Contact us today using the details below.