Fingerprint scanners & readers in Kenya

Fingerprint scanners and readers are biometric security systems that confirm the identity of an individual from their fingerprints. When you put your finger on one of these devices, a scanner generates a digital image of the fingerprint. Then, a computer program records the characteristics of each footprint, such as ridges and grooves, and compares them with those stored in a central computer database. If they match, the system authorizes the user to perform the action.

Fingerprint scanners in Kenya are amazing. Why use a key when you can use your hand? Using the fingerprint scanner also provides a better experience and is more secure. We focus on constantly improving the fingerprint readers in Kenya that we supply. Thanks to our years of experience in the field of biometric technologies, we offer specific and individualized solutions for each client.

Fingerprint scanners in Kenya brings the multispectral image to any identification application where it’s important to know who’s who. Our sensors, which are internationally recognized, are used to authenticate, to secure and to avoid fraud. We encompass the fingerprint scanners and readers that are:

  • Superior live performance and detection with greater accuracy and speed of image capture
  • Sturdy module with interoperability capabilities that delivers superior performance
  • Award-winning multispectral imaging technology
  • Enhanced security features including data encryption and tamper detection/response

General Advantages

The advantages of a biometric fingerprint system are that a person’s physical attributes are often difficult to fake, one cannot guess a fingerprint as he guesses a password, cannot lose his fingerprints as he loses a key and cannot forget his fingerprints as you can forget a password.

For safety measures, the most reliable way is to use fingerprint scanners. Intelwise Technologies Ltd offers fingerprint readers in Kenya that can also verify a smart card where the user’s fingerprint is stored. The reader checks that the encoded fingerprint on the card is the same as the one being placed on the reader. This provides a higher degree of security and eliminating the limitations of fingerprint storage space on a server, since credentials can be issued with coded fingerprints.

Every day more and more new solutions are implemented with fingerprint scanners in Kenya, so in the near future, it will be a technology used by a large proportion of people. If you want to take advantage of this new trend, don’t hesitate to contact us on +254 (0)737 224 882 | 0726 402 344 or email to know the full range of fingerprint readers we can offer you. We guarantee safe, comfortable and reliable solutions.