Blast Mitigation

We are both consultants in security solutions and technical implementers.

Our work is to install blast mitigation window films and anchoring products to ensure maximum blast mitigation and protection from your window film. Our products are regularly tested to achieve the highest levels of blast protection and bomb blast mitigation. Thus we work with products manufactured to the highest quality with rigorous test done and certified by the authorities.

Our focus is to ensure that we provide a solution to diminish the after-effects of an explosive device to the office block by alleviating secondary injuries caused by high speed flying fragments.
While total protection from bomb blasts and explosions is not possible, there are steps we can take to mitigate the extent or even likelihood of damage. In the more obvious situations, Blast-resistant windows and doors have long been used.

Blast mitigation films are the most cost effective way to mitigate damage from blast – whatever the cause. In the event of a blast these high tech films cause the glass to stick to the film.