Hidden / Spy Cameras

Intelwise Technologies is the place to go for anyone who is looking for spy cameras in Kenya.

Below are some of the excellent and convincing benefits of spy cameras:

  1. Corporate Security – A spy camera can be used to keep the office safe from petty thieves. Through these, you can be able to see what the employees are doing and will easily catch anyone who attempts to steal from the office.
  2. Investigative purposes – If there’s any suspicious activity and one captures it through your hidden camera, then a call can be made to the proper authorities for investigation. A person can also turn over the video footage to the authorities in case of any illegal activities.
  3. Home Security – Parents may want to keep an eye on the kids when they are away. Having hidden cameras can help to see whether or not the children are being irresponsible when you are not around or untrustworthy baby sitters.

There are different types of spy cameras that you can get from Intelwise Technologies. These include:

  • The spy pen– This can easily pass for a regular pen but with a powerful camera that can record quality videos
  • Spy watch – These watches can be worn giving off absolutely no clue that it contains a camera
  • Hidden spy camera clock–These are clocks with undetectable cameras
  • Other spy gadgets – Pay us a visit to see our entire array of spy gadgets

Feel free to give us a call today to order for an excellent spy camera Kenya that meets your needs.