Fire Extinguisher Dealers in Kenya

There are five common types of fire extinguishers in Kenya; carbon dioxide, powder, foam and water. Other more specialist types of fire extinguishers are; clean agent extinguisher FE-36, Halon and powder extinguishers such as monnex powder for metal fires.

The most commonly used extinguishers are the water fire extinguishers. They are also the cheapest and simplest to use. They can be put in use to control flammable solid fires like wood and paper – also referred to as class A fires.

Foam extinguishers offer class A fire coverage just like water extinguishers. However, they also help to control flammable liquid fires, which carry a B rating.

Fire fighting equipment in Kenya – Powder fire extinguishers may be used on fires which involve electrical equipment and flammable liquids and solids. They also cover flammable gasses. They are referred to as multipurpose extinguishers as they cover different types of fire risks.

The carbon dioxide (co2) extinguisher is the best type of extinguisher for controlling electrical equipment fires. They work by depleting the oxygen needed for a fire to continue burning. They are also commonly used for flammable liquid fires like oil and petrol.

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