Doors (Aluminium, Steel)

  • You never know the real quality of a door until you encounter a top quality, well designed and extremely secure door. Intelwise Technologies are industry leaders when it comes to supplying quality doors in Kenya. Not only do we stock steel doors Kenya, we also have other types of doors that have attracted a huge demand and placed us at the top when it comes to door supplies in Kenya.

    Below are the types of doors that may suit your needs:

    Automatic Doors

    The function of such doors can be easily extracted from its name. Automatic doors are simply doors which open and close automatically. As the need for convenience increases, the demand for automatic doors Kenya is also increasing.

    Automatic doors can also be used to enhance a business’s unique class and style.

    Steel doors

    Of late there has been an increasing demand on steel doors Kenya for the obvious reason – they provide excellent security. They also have an insulation effect, making them appealing to most customers. They are durable, resistant to ants, modern and give a special aura of style and resilience.

    Fire doors

    Fire doors are important for the safety of a building against fire. They are designed to ensure that there is minimal spread of fire and smoke for a certain period. During this period, occupants can have more time to vacate the building and move to safety or give you time to secure important things locked say in a safe room,we can also fire proof a full room . Intelwise Technologies provides the very best fire doors Kenya.

    Aluminium doors

    The main benefit of aluminium doors is the fact that they are very strong and resilient despite the fact that they may have a slim form. Aluminium is also resistant to rust therefore ensures that the door remains elegant even after long-term use. Since the material has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it can easily be made into different beautiful shapes and configurations. For the best aluminium doors Kenya, look no further than Intelwise Technologies.