Car Tracking and Fleet Management

There are many benefits as to why an individual or company needs to install car tracking devices. However, car tracking in Kenya is a field that has already had its share of controversies. If you want vehicle tracking in Kenya, you need to get it done by professionals. We invite you to come and get your car tracking installed by Intelwise Technologies, so that you can ensure maximum security of your vehicle.

Below are some of the benefits that you will get when you purchase your Kenya fleet management systems from Intelwise Technologies:

  • You can use our devices for personal or business use
  • We have never been involved in recovery of vehicles due to our car tracking systems
  • Our expert team will advise you on how best to stay safe
  • You have the freedom to choose whether you want to personally monitor the movements of your fleet
  • We can still do the monitoring for you and you can request information at any time
  • Should your vehicle be stolen, you will be able to easily track it using an online platform or mobile phone
  • Our GPRS tracking Kenya system is sophisticated and effective, giving you more data about your fleet of cars than just the location. Therefore, you can easily determine the professionalism with which your employees take care of your vehicles

We know that different customers have different vehicle tracking needs and our aim is to provide you with what suits you best. Our GPRS tracking Kenya devices work by installing special devices in hidden vehicle locations. These devices enable the reception of signals as to where exactly on the ground a vehicle is at any specific time. The information is then fed onto a computer and also can be accessed through mobile phone systems.

With our products, you can say goodbye to the ineffectiveness with which other car tracking Kenya companies are known for. We value the safety of your vehicle and are focused on not just giving you solutions, but also benefits. We invite you to buy from us and say goodbye to your fleet management Kenya problems. Contact us today using the details below.


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